Dorado 2020 – A-Stock (original packaging)

  • 10mm A.D.L.C. Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
  • Single Custom Balanced Armature Driver
  • Ceramic Shell + Machined Brass Spout
  • Smoky Litz 3.5mm Cable
  • “Diver Orange” Upcycled Marine Plastic IEM Case

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The Campfire Audio Dorado 2020 breathes new life into the name and the legacy of the original with a fresh take on its classic hybrid design. One balanced armature and one dynamic driver. No cross-over, no complications. We’ve found these distilled pairings reproduce sound more faithfully, with improved resolution and better cohesion than those with over-complicated cross-over schemes.

These units are fully packaged and factory sealed with all original accessories, and are covered by our full 2-year factory warranty.

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