The Campfire Audio Market provides a range of B-stock, Pre-Owned, legacy, and overstock products from Campfire and ALO Audio.

All CA Market products come with our 14-day return policy. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason you are welcome to return them within 14 days of receiving your order. So long as products are returned in the same condition that they were received, and with all accessories, you will be eligible for a refund.

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What is A-Stock?

A-Stock products are in new factory-fresh condition.  They are typically discounted for being overstocked or discontinued. A-Stock products will ship in generic Market Packaging unless otherwise indicated on the product page.  A-Stock items are fully covered under our manufacturer's 2-year warranty unless otherwise noted.


What is B-Stock?

Our standards are high. Any newly made earphones that have the slightest cosmetic blemish are categorized as B-Stock. Each B-Stock item is tested just like any other to ensure that the sonic qualities are uncompromised. B-Stock products are brand new and have not been used or previously sold. B-Stock products ship in our Market packaging and include a cable, carrying case, a full complement of eartips, and an IEM cleaning tool.   B-Stock items are covered under our 1-year warranty.


What is Pre-Owned?

The Campfire Audio Marketplace offers a wide range of Pre-Owned IEMs in a variety of condition ratings. This offers chances for customers to get their hands on IEMs from different price ranges and eras that they otherwise might not be able to access.  Some Pre-Owned IEMs are simply IEMs that were returned within our 14-day return window, others have been the result of returns or other exchanges within our company. Each Pre-Owned IEM is cleaned, inspected, and passes through the same rigorous sonic testing that all of our A-stock IEMs undergo. Photos on product pages are an example of an IEM that has been rated at the condition shown, this does not mean that you will receive that exact IEM, but it should be in the realm of quality shown in the photos on the product page itself.


How are Pre-Owned IEMs Graded?

Our Pre-Owned IEMs are rated using the following criteria:

Like-New: Indistinguishable from an A-stock product, but has at some point left our shop and been returned to us. 

Very Good: Small, almost unnoticeable cosmetic defects and very little signs of overall use. Perhaps 1-2 small cosmetic blemishes. 

Good: Some noticeable cosmetic defects, but only displaying signs of wear commensurate with a brief period of ownership and use. 

Acceptable: Anything with heavier signs of wear or significant enough damage that it precludes it from being considered good condition. Acceptable rated IEMs can have a wider range of cosmetic conditions.

Pre-Owned IEMs ship in our Market packaging, and include a new, unused case and cable, selection of eartips, mesh IEM bag, and an IEM cleaning tool.


What is New-Old-Stock?

NOS is short for New Old Stock.  These are products that are out of production, have not previously been sold to a customer, and are in new factory-fresh condition.  The packaging and accessories may vary from the original release.  Please see product details for these specifics.  NOS products are backed by our1-year warranty.


What is the CA Market's Warranty Policy?

All Pre-Owned IEMs come with a 90-day limited warranty. This covers any manufacturer defect that affects sonic performance. After the 90-day period, repair service is available, charge for repairs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. B-Stock and New Old Stock items receive a 1-year full warranty for any sonic malfunction. Any A-stock and Open Box products found on the CA Market site will receive our standard 2-year full warranty. 


Can I Trade-in My Used IEMs?

You can trade in your used Campfire IEMs for credit towards new products on our main site, CampfireAudio.com. Click here to learn more or receive a preliminary quote for your trade-in!  


Have Questions?

For any inquiries, contact us at support@campfireaudio.market